Are You In Pain, Feeling Overwhelmed,

Confused, Defeated Or Depressed?

Does It Seem Like Life Is Conspiring Against You

To Make Your Life Miserable?


A Comprehensive Healing Energy Session Will Help!


Would You Like To Feel More Connected to Source and

Learn What Your Own Masters, Teachers And Loved One's Have to Teach you?


An Akashic Records Reading Will Help!


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Master Energy Healing Practitioner

What is a Comprehensive Healing Energy session with Yuen Method™,
The Emotion Code, Numerology, Cards and Intuitive?

Yuen Method™ Created by Dr. Kam Yuen  is a blending of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic techniques and quantum physics along with intuition.

Energetic Shifts Yuen MethodThe premise is that your body functions like a computer – you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue.

  • The Yuen Method™ helps identify the deeper core issues. Finding the root of the problem and eliminating it makes it possible to release the physical symptom as well as emotional issues, fears, phobias, and limitations.
  • Numerology, Oracle Cards, Intuitive Guidance and The Emotion Code™ bring light, confirmation and insight to issues at hand
  • The Akashic Records works with your own Masters, Teachers and Loved ones in this lifetime to help you gain understanding and knowledge about your life now, past life times, your journey and how to bring more harmony into your life, business, home etc.

The path of health, prosperity, integrity, success, and freedom from stress and pain are the birthright of every human being.

Our plight is similar to chipping away at a frozen lake of ice. Each layer you chip away, something rises to the surface. The more you chip away, the deeper you get until you hit the water. It is then that real healing takes place. To be able to rid yourself, family members, friends and even your pets, of pain, emotional distress, fears, Phobias, Trauma and chronic conditions.

Keep an open mind and see for yourself the changes that occur right before your eyes.

Our own happiness is one of the most important responsibilities we have today.

We cannot hope for a better world when we walk around from day to day with physical and emotional wounds left untreated.

Energetic Shifts

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(Using Yuen Method™, Numerology, Cards, The Emotion Code and Intuitive)


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Akashic Records Reading now available:
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All Sessions can be done in person or over the phone/Skype etc They are all equally effective!

Working with energy, no physical contact is needed

Energy Healing does not substitute for any medical care and consultation. Karen West and Energetic Shifts make no claims of treatment or cures. Energy Healing may, or may not, facilitate the healing process.
It is a supportive and integrative system and not a diagnostic method. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. Energy Healing is a non-invasive, non-touch technique.